Exhibition Catalogues


Arkadia [Arcadia], exhibition catalogue, concept and academic editing by Agnieszka Rosales Rodríguez, Antoni Ziemba, graphic design by Ryszard Bienert, 520 pages, illustrated, The National Museum in Warsaw (Warsaw, 2023)

The exhibition catalogue delves into a wide array of subjects associated with the Arcadian myth, not only exploring its sources, but also presenting various interpretations thereof across different art periods, including contemporary renditions. The multifaceted narrative allows readers to perceive the enduring presence of Arcadia in European culture, tracing it in its various incarnations. From visions of an idyllic realm populated by shepherds and nymphs, to idealized images of noble life in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, to environmental motifs found in the works of many contemporary artists. The catalogue presents works featured in the exhibition – paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, ceramic objects and photographs – all of which have a direct or metaphorical connection to the myth. This highly erudite narrative is richly illustrated and presented with an elegant layout.


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