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How to book a guided tour
•    By phone Monday to Friday,  9am – 3pm at tel. 22 621 10 31 ext. 246, or by email:
•    Please make your reservation no later than two weeks prior to your planned visit
•    You must confirm or cancel your visit 3–4 days before the scheduled date
Tours are available in the following languages: Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish


Prices and fees
•    The group must cover the cost of admission for all participants and pay the guide fee
•    Ticket prices to the permanent galleries are:
regular 20 PLN
reduced 10 PLN
group ticket 10 PLN per person (min. 10 persons)

family ticket 60 PLN (2 adults + children under 18, max 6 persons)
•    Guide fee (standard tour): Polish - 250 PLN; foreign language - 350 PLN
•    The guide fee is paid immediately prior to admission at the ticket desk located in the museum’s main foyer
•    To receive a VAT invoice please provide all required data (company name, address with post code, VAT ID number) while making your reservation.
For a detailed price list, please visit this site.
Masterpieces of the National Museum in Warsaw
During the tour, visitors will view the greatest works in the museum’s collection. The tour covers select works from the Gallery of 19th Century Art, the Gallery of Old European Painting and the Gallery of Old Polish and European Portraiture. Highlights from the Gallery of Old European Painting include a tondo by Sandro Botticelli while among the many masterpieces in the Gallery of 19th Century Art, visitors will see The Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko.

Poland: History in Ten Masterpieces
Poland is a fascinating country, so too is its history. Using ten masterpieces from the museum's collection we will guide you through over one thousand years of Polish history and culture. As the country was developing at the boundary between the Eastern and Western world it has a unique mixture of influences visible in art from across the centuries.

Faras Gallery is the only permanent exhibition in Europe featuring Medieval Nubian paintings from the Nile River Valley south of the First Cataract. The collection of over 60 paintings from the 8th to 14th centuries came from the cathedral in the city of Faras, a large urban centre in the Medieval kingdom of Nobadia, in present-day Sudan. These works now reside in the National Museum in Warsaw thanks to the efforts of Polish archaeologists who took part in the massive UNESCO-led international campaign to preserve the remnants of cultures once occupying the Nile River Valley south of the First Cataract. 

Gallery of Medieval Art
The museum’s collection of medieval art is the largest in Poland, gathering works from the 12th century to the early 16th century. Particularly prized is a set of monumental altarpieces which formerly adorned the altars of churches in Silesia and Gdańsk Pomerania. Visitors will learn about the rich symbolism and iconography of the works as well as about the chief artistic tendencies of the period.

Gallery of Old Masters
A showcase of masterpieces of 15th–17th century European painting. Through paintings by masters like Sandro Botticelli, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Jusepe de Ribera, Jacob Jordaens and Bernardo Bellotto (called Canaletto) visitors can trace the evolution of art from the early Renaissance to the twilight of the Baroque period.

Gallery of 19th Century Art
Among the nearly 300 paintings, visitors will see The Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko, Indian Summer by Józef Chełmoński and The Strange Garden by Józef Mehoffer. The tour is a chance to discover the work of some of Poland’s greatest artists and to learn about the leading tendencies in 19th century art.


Gallery of Polish Design

Gallery shows the numerous approaches to design prevalent throughout the various decades and artistic circles. On display in the modern gallery setting are mass-produced objects, such as popular TV and radio sets, furniture, textiles, and household appliances, as well as outstanding Polish designs that have only ever existed as blueprints, models and prototypes and were never freely available. However, these works testify to the great potential of Polish applied arts. 

We also invite you to explore the museum through custom thematic tours tailored to your specifications. On account of the individual nature of such tours, we ask that reservations of this type be made even earlier than those for the standard offer.


•    Groups may contain up to 30 persons*
•    Due to the fact that guides are scheduled for specific, previously-arranged groups, please make your reservation at least one week in advance
•    We ask that you arrive punctually – groups arriving more than 15 min late risk cancellation
•    It is not always possible to begin a tour before the arranged time
•    It is crucial that you confirm or cancel your reservation no later than two days prior to your scheduled date
•    In the event that a group fails to arrive without having previously made a cancellation, the organiser will be charged the guide fee.

* as per the regulation of the Director of the Museum of 7.VI.2013 par. 1 point 3: “Organised tour groups may not exceed 30 persons in size”