Digitisation and Visual Documentation Department

Phone: +48 22 621 10 31 ext. 289



Digitisation and Visual Documentation Department is responsible for gathering, archiving and making available the photographs of museum objects and the archive records from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.

The photographic archive encompasses a set of negatives, among which the negatives of lost works, and of those destructed during the war and also transparencies and photographs digitalized contemporarily.

Apart from the museum objects we possess the documentation of some of the works which took part in our organized exhibitions or were subject of scientific studies by our employees.

Principles of making photographs available

  • The photographs are made available on the basis of a written order addressed to the Direction of the NMW.
  • The order shall include the data concerning the ordering party: name and surname (name of the company), address, telephone contact (tax identification number in case of legal person).
  • Type, format of the photograph, title of the work: for instance in case of paintings: author, title, inventory number, and a manner of using the photograph.
  • The photographs of works which are not a property of the NMW are made available after receiving written approval of the proprietor.