Submission procedure

Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie. Nowa Seria / Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw. New Series – Submission Procedure


  1. The Editorial Committee accepts texts submitted in Polish or English. The author undertakes to submit an article that is based on original research and has not been published before (irrespective of the language, publication in print or online, in Poland or abroad). The work ought to be original and constitute an important contribution to research on works and collections held at the National Museum in Warsaw or associated with them as well as their history and interpretation. Texts concerning conservation-related matters and problems of contemporary museology will also be accepted.
  2. In addition to the text, the author submits an abstract, biography, keywords and a set of illustrations with captions together with acquired reproduction rights.
  3. English-language texts will be verified in terms of their linguistic correctness by a native speaker hired by the Editorial Committee. If the assessment is negative and the scope of intervention exceeds mere editorial changes, the text will be returned to the author. 
  4. The submitter declares to be the author of the text; if the text was written with the participation of other persons, this has to be clearly stated. The Editorial Committee would like to inform that in the event of detecting ghostwriting, guest authorship, self-plagiarism or plagiarism, the text will be rejected and information on such cases will be documented and forwarded to the relevant bodies.
  5. The Editorial Committee makes the preliminary decision to accept a text and direct it for further work, provided that it complies with the criteria on maximum word count, number of illustrations and bibliographic citations (see Bibliographical and Editing Rules). The publisher of Journal concludes a publishing contract with the author. The texts undergo a review procedure:
    1. approved texts are forwarded to two independent reviewers from outside the academic unit to which the author of the publication is affiliated,
    2. a double-blind review process should be followed (the identity of the author or authors of the publication is concealed from the reviewers and vice-versa); in the remaining cases, the reviewer has to sign a declaration on the lack of a conflict of interests (direct personal relations between the author and reviewer, a reporting line relationship or direct academic cooperation in the course of two years prior to the year of preparing the review), 
    3. a written review should contain an unambiguous conclusion of the reviewer on the requirements for approving the article for publication or rejecting it.
  6. Having obtained the review, the Editorial Committee decides to reject the article or accept it for publication. The text undergoes academic and language editing and is translated. Translators hired by the editorial office consult the authors and are responsible for the linguistic level of translations published by the Journal. At every stage of the work, the author is informed about any introduced changes and authorizes the texts.
  7. The Editorial Committee of NMW’s Journal kindly informs that authors will not receive compensation for texts submitted for publication. We would like to remind that NMW covers the cost of translating papers and, in exceptional cases, helps obtain reproduction rights.