Journal 2013

„Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie. Nowa seria / Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw. New Series” 2(38)

The second issue of Journal features articles on, inter alia, NMW’s collections of incunabula and architectural drawings, works by Jakob Beinhart, Pieter Coecke van Aelst, Maarten van Heemskerck, Pieter Saenredam, Silesian Nazarenes or nineteenth-century caricaturist Charles Tronsens. It also presents the last, previously unpublished text, written in 1988 by Professor Jan Białostocki: “Art’s Humility and Irreverence vis-à-vis the Sacrum.”

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Part I – The Museum

Antoni Ziemba, Zofia Herman, The New Gallery of Medieval Art of the National Museum in Warsaw
Monika Dolińska, Tomasz Górecki, Andrzej Reiche, Alfred Twardecki, The Collection of Ancient and East Christian Art and Archaeological Excavations of the National Museum in Warsaw
Dorota Ignatowicz-Woźniakowska, The Story of Jan Matejko’s The Battle of Grunwald in 1999–2012
Paulina Miś, The National Museum in Warsaw Incunabula Collection
Piotr Kibort, The Collection of Architectural and Technical Drawings at the Department of Prints and Drawings of the National Museum in Warsaw: Existing Research and New Research Perspectives
Piotr P. Czyż, “The Jubilee of Ignacy Łopieński on the 50th Anniversary of His Creative Activity.” About an Exhibition that Did Not Take Place at the National Museum in Warsaw in 1939

Part II – Late Medieval and Early Modern Art

Jan Białostocki, Art’s Humility and Irreverence vis-à-vis the Sacrum
Jan Białostocki, Humilité et témérité de l’art devant le sacré
Aleksandra Sulikowska, Icons of John the Baptist in the Collection of the National Museum in Warsaw: The Angel’s Body, a Martyr’s Death, Holy Remains
Zofia Herman, Jacob Beinhart’s Saint Luke Painting the Virgin in the Collection of the National Museum in Warsaw. Artistic Self-Reflection versus the Cult Function
Antoni Ziemba, Time and Place in a Story Told by a Painting. The Jerusalem Triptych from Gdańsk: Issues of Narration and Iconography
Piotr Borusowski, Esther before Ahasuerus: A Design for a Tapestry by Pieter Coecke van Aelst
Hanna Benesz, Maarten van Heemskerck and Pieter Saenredam. Cooperation between the National Museum in Warsaw and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Part III – Art of the Nineteenth Century

Mikołaj Getka-Kenig, The Anonymous Coronation of Empress Alexandra as Queen of Poland (1829–30). A Pictorial Vision of National Resurrection, or the Two Aspects of Illusion
Anna Kozak, Nazarene Friendship Portraits by Nineteenth-Century Silesian Painters
Ewa Frąckowiak, Elżbieta Rosłoniec, La Place des Martyrs et la Taverne du Bagne of 1885 by Félix Buhot. Historical Research and Material Testing of Its Celluloid Plate
Justyna Guze, Bloch’s and Wokulski’s Paris. Drawings by Charles Tronsens in the Collection of the National Museum in Warsaw
Anna Grochala, Ewa Martyna, The January Uprising of 1863 and Its Fighters in the Cameos from the Collection of Henryka Capelli, née Dzieduszycka. The Reception of Graphic and Photographic Prototypes