Journal 2021

Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw. New Series, 10(46) (2021)


Much of the tenth issue of Rocznik Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie. Nowa Seria / Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw. New Series is devoted to ancient art, in articles being the outcome of research conducted by archaeologists, historians, art historians and conservators. Monika Dolińska writes about the 19th-century beginnings of the NMW’s Egyptological collection. A fundamental article by Karol Myśliwiec discusses the types and functions of monarchic portraits made over a span of nearly two thousand years in Egypt’s existence. Accompanying that article is another Egyptological text co-authored by Aleksandra Sulikowska-Bełczowska and Agnieszka Kijowska on a mummy portrait of a boy in the NMW collection. Włodzimierz Lengauer discusses the history and current state of research on Greek paiderastía and homoeroticism. Monika Rekowska, meanwhile, analyses the collection of Tanagra figurines possessed by the NMW.


Issues of the New Series Journal are successively published on the website of Heidelberg University.