WE WEAR CULTURE / From the courtly fashions of Versailles to the street styles of modern Tokyo

Decode why you wear what you wear. We are involved in #WeWearCulture with Google Arts & Culture. Get a new take on fashion, explore our virtual exhibition presenting the most beautiful embroidered garments and accessories from the collection of the NMW!

SPECIAL LECTURE / Non-Permanent exhibition by Dušan Buran

The lecture will be devoted to the museological propositions generated for the 2014 permanent/non-permanent exhibition “Impermanent Slovak National Gallery Exhibition”, prepared during the reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery.

EXHIBITION CATALOGUE. W warsztacie niderlandzkiego mistrza / In the Workshop of a Netherlandish Master

Get to know the workshop secrets of Netherlandish masters. What is invisible to the eye? What have the artists hidden from us? What were drawings for? Do the overlapping lines enable us to guess in which order the figures were drawn?

Journal of the National Museum in Warsaw. New Series, 5(41) (2016) – new issue!

A teddy-bear in the Minotaur’s labyrinth, women of the Faras Gallery, Gierymski’s friendship with the sculptor Madeyski, Japonism in Boznańska’s oeuvre and the Spanish paths of Peiper – you’ll find all that in the 5th issue of the Journal of the NMW!

6th Experts’ meeting on Enamel on Metal at the NMW

Following the success of the meetings in Germolles, Rome, New York, Barcelona and London, the next Experts' Meeting on Enamel on Metals Conservation will be held next week at the National Museum in Warsaw.

ArtSherlock – a breakthrough in the identification of art looted in Poland during World War II

To be unveiled this Monday is a groundbreaking project based on a mobile application for the identification of lost works of art, able to identify a work of art in a matter of seconds using a smartphone or tablet.
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