Virtual tour of the exhibition "Poland. Power of Images"

The National Museum in Warsaw and Huawei Poland inaugurate technological cooperation with a unique digital project. From November 5, we invite all internet users interested in art to take a virtual walk around the temporary exhibition "Poland. The Power of Images", available here.
During the pandemic, the National Museum in Warsaw remains open to visitors on the Internet. Now a virtual tour of the Poland exhibition has been added to the museum's online offer. 
Thanks to a joint project of the National Museum in Warsaw and Huawei Poland, the exhibition "Poland. The Power of Images" can be seen in a chosen time and place. This is an opportunity for all those who did not have time to visit the exhibition in the past weeks. The National Museum in Warsaw presents works by the most outstanding Polish artists of the 19th century, including Stanisław Wyspiański, Aleksander and Maksymilian Gierymski, Jan Matejko, Leon Wyczółkowski, Józef Mehoffer, Olga Boznańska, Józef Brandt, Józef Chełmoński, Jacek Malczewski, Juliusz and Wojciech Kossak, Artur Grottger, Józef Simmler, Julian Fałat. Each of these works has been scanned in 3D technology and made available on the Museum website in the form of a virtual walk combined with a curatorial tour. The walk has a basic and an extended version. The basic version is based on the photos of the exhibition combined into panoramas using special computer software. The extended version uses the latest 3D technology and graphics elements, commonly used, for example, in computer games.
We plan to make our collections available online and create a virtual guide around the Museum. Stay tuned!