Faras Gallery

Due to the necessary digitization works the Faras Gallery will be closed for visitors August 31, 2020 – September 18, 2020.

August 14–15 / opening hours

On August 14, the Museum is open until 2 PM. We invite you to the divistions of the NMW during standard opening hours. On August 15, 2020, the Museum and its divisions will be closed. Only the Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia will be open to visitors.

Gallery of Old Masters – 17/07

Dear Visitors, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Employees of the National Museum in Warsaw, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience to visitors of the Gallery of Old Masters today. Tickets issued in the Main Building remain valid.

The National Museum in Warsaw closed until Sunday, June 21

Please be informed that until Sunday, June 21, the National Museum in Warsaw remains closed to visitors due to water supply failure. We apologize for any inconvenience and invite you again on Tuesday, June 23!

See you soon at the Museum! #niebawemwMNW

Soon we will be able to welcome you to our galleries and exhibitions. Once the Prime Minister declared that museums would be allowed to resume their activity, we have immediately started to plan our reopening. We are currently preparing new regulations.

Easter wishes

May this Easter be a time for us to focus on what matters the most, let it be a time that fills our hearts with hope for a better tomorrow, despite the hardships of today, so that we can soon meet in person. See you at #niebawemwMNW!
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