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Życie wśród piękna. Świat chińskiego uczonego

Życie wśród piękna. Świat chińskiego uczonego [Life in the Midst of Beauty. The World of a Chinese Scholar], edited by Joanna Popkowska, graphic design: Kuba Sowiński, Wojciech Kubiena / Biuro Szeryfy, 260 pages with illustrations, The National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2016, ISBN 978-83-7100-846-7.


In China, scholar-officials (literati) comprised a social class unlike anywhere else, one which for centuries had great influence on the shape of political, social and cultural life in the country. Collecting and artistic activities were of equal importance to clerical duties, and the literati pursued these with great passion and dedication, in order to gain respite from their public obligations. The sublime tastes cultivated by these public servants would shape the aesthetic canon throughout China. This exhibition of superb artefacts from the collections of the National Museum of China in Beijing, appearing in Poland for the first time, is sure to transport viewers into the unique world of Chinese beauty.


Price: 85 PLN