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The Artist. Anna Bilińska 1854–1893

The Artist. Anna Bilińska 1854–1893, academic editors: Agnieszka Bagińska, Renata Higersberger, designed by Jerzy Gruchot, Wojciech Koss / Full Metal Jacket, 384 pages, illust., ISBN 978-83-7100-463-6, Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Warszawa / Warsaw 2021

Catalogue accompanying our exhibition The Artist. Anna Bilińska 1854–1893. This is the first such extensive study devoted to Bilińska – a Polish painter, representative of academic realism, who was mainly active in Paris. Her spectacular career took place at a time when women were only just entering the professional art world. The publication encompasses a complete catalogue of the artist’s works (including lost ones and those known only from mentions) as well as an illustrated timeline of her life and work. The volume begins with essays written by Agnieszka Bagińska, Renata Higersberger, Rachel Mader and Agnieszka Morawińska, discussing various aspects of Bilińska’s oeuvre and biography