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The ″Anything Goes″ Museum

The ″Anything Goes″ Museum, edited by Agnieszka Morawińska, translation: Aleksandra Szkudłapska, graphic design: Maria Bukowska, p. 100, fig.,
Warsaw 2017, ISBN 978-83-7100-406-3







The National Museum in Warsaw’s educational project known as The “Anything Goes” Museum, which culminated in an exhibition of the same title prepared by children, was met with considerable interest in Poland and abroad. We answered a number of queries and hosted professional guests, whose feedback filled us with the utmost satisfaction. Since the book accompanying the exhibition was solely published in Polish, which greatly narrowed its scope, we decided to present our project in an English publication in the hope that it might inspire other similar initiatives.
Each museum has its own specific nature and operates in a unique environment, rendering a simple re-enactment of our experience ineffective. However, by adopting a similar set of assumptions, one could embark on an interesting and extremely beneficial adventure.

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