Exhibition Catalogues


Paderewski, eds.: Joanna Bojarska-Cieślik, Magdalena Pinker, Joanna Popkowska, tr.: Simon Włoch, graphic design: Ryszard Kajzer / Zerkaj Studio, 256 pages, ill., National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2018, ISBN 978-83-7100-425-4.

Accompanying the Paderewski exhibition, this Polish-English catalogue discusses the art collection bequeathed by the artist to the nation of Poland. The most precious items in that collection are now at the National Museum in Warsaw. Among them are paintings, prints and objects of everyday use, as well as a unique collection of Far Eastern art amassed over the years by Helena and Ignacy Jan Paderewski at their home in Riond-Bosson, Switzerland. The publication includes a detailed catalogue of the exhibits on display and numerous illustrations of select items.  

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