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Krzycząc: Polska! Niepodległa 1918

Krzycząc: Polska! Niepodległa 1918, academic editor: Piotr Rypson, graphic design by Przemek Dębowski, 456 pages, illustrated, The National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2018, ISBN 978-83-7100-433-9
The catalogue includes reproductions of artworks created on the eve of Poland’s independence and directly afterwards, i.e. in 1905–22. It is supplemented by Piotr Rypson’s essay on the exhibition Shouting: Poland! Independence 1918 and texts dedicated to its individual parts. The album showcases works by renowned artists (Jacek Malczewski, Wojciech Kossak, Zofia Stryjeńska) and those whose oeuvre is presented much more rarely (Jan Rembowski, Stefan Szmaj, Jan A. Neuman).  
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