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Józef Brandt 1841–1915

Józef Brandt 1841–1915, edited by Ewa Micke-Broniarek, graphic design Jerzy Gruchot, Wojciech Koss / Full Metal Jacket, vols 1–3 (vol. 1: 196 pgs, vol. 2: 356 pgs, vol. 3: 300 pgs), ill., Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Warszawa 2018


ISBN 978-83-7100-430-8 (vols 1–3)

ISBN 978-83-7100-427-8 (vol. 1)

ISBN 978-83-7100-428-5 (vol. 2)

ISBN 978-83-7100-429-2 (vol. 3)


This monumental, three-volume catalogue to accompany the “Józef Brandt 1841–1915” exhibition represents the most exhaustive ever publication on the artist, covering all of his life’s work. The catalogue is the product of many years of research conducted by a team of scholars led by Ewa Micke-Broniarek, curator of the Collection of Polish Art Up to 1914 at the National Museum in Warsaw. Volume One contains essays devoted to various aspects of Brandt’s work, an extensive timeline tracing the artist’s life and career and an invaluable bibliography resulting from meticulous analysis of a wide range of resources, including archival and press materials. Volume Two features a complete catalogue of the artist’s paintings, reproduced in the catalogue and supplemented with a rich contextual iconography consisting of sketches, studies and photographs. Volume Three comprises a catalogue of Brandt’s drawings and watercolours, including the contents of the artist’s surviving sketchbooks, a catalogue of works known only from literature, lost or of unknown whereabouts as well as catalogues of objects residing in Józef Brandt’s studio, including photographs of his impressive personal collection.


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