Exhibition Catalogues

Ignacy Łopieński

Ignacy Łopieński, academic ed. Piotr P. Czyż, transl. by Aleksandra Szkudłapska, graphic design by Jerzy Gruchot, Wojciech Koss / Full Metal Jacket, 304 pages, illustrated, The National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2019. 
This publication accompanying Ignacy Łopieński’s monographic exhibition is an illustrated catalogue of the artist’s works preserved in Polish collections. Although Łopieński was mostly recognized as a printmaker, he was also a draughtsman and painter, and designed bronze artefacts (mainly medals) cast in his family’s company. Art history remembers him solely for his exquisite printed reproductions of famous paintings. However, Piotr P. Czyż, curator of the exhibition and author of the catalogue, presents the entire oeuvre of this original artist, who was appreciated during his lifetime, but later forgotten.