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Art values. The PKO Bank Polski Collection

Art values. The PKO Bank Polski Collection, edited by Katarzyna Szydłowska-Schiller, translated by Simon Włoch, graphic design by Dagny & Daniel Szwed / Moonmadness, 160 pages, ill., The National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2019, ISBN 978-83-7100-438-4
The collection started in 1998 as the first corporate art collection in Poland. The collection’s composition was entrusted to Anda Rottenberg. This is a fascinating assortment of works by some of Poland’s greatest artists from the older and middle generations, coming together to form a panorama of the phenomena arising in Polish art in the mid-1990s. It consists of paintings, photographs, drawings, prints and sculptures. Over a period of twenty years, influenced by the dynamic changes taking place in the field of visual arts, the collection has acquired the rank of a museum showpiece.