Exhibition Catalogues

Art of the Viceroyalty of Peru

Art of the Viceroyalty of Peru, eds. Justyna Aniołek, Wojciech Chmielewski, Justyna Guze, tr. from Spanish: Katarzyna Górna, tr. from English: Maciej Kositorny, graphic design: Maria Bukowska / Studio Temperówka, 144 pages, ill., National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2018, ISBN 978-83-7100-418-6.

Peruvian art of the Viceroyalty period (16th – early 19th c.) was born out of the confrontation of two distant cultures – the local Incan and the Western European, reaching American soil with the Spanish conquistadors. In this exhibition of art from the Barbosa-Stern collection in Lima, the paintings reveal the meeting of Christian iconography with motifs drawn from local tradition, and objects of gold demonstrate the expertise of Peruvian craftsmen. The exhibition and the accompanying catalogue offer Polish audiences a taste of this highly original and rather exotic artistic phenomenon.