Poland. The Power of Images

Poland. The Power of Images, translation: Szymon Włoch, graphic design: Jerzy Gruchot / Full Metal Jacket, 192 pages, illustrated, The National Museum in Warsaw; Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, 2020
The English-language edition of this publication features an album of Polish painting from the Romantic period to the Young Poland movement and an essay by Iwona Danielewicz outlining Polish history after the partitions. The publication arose out of a series of exhibitions presenting a panorama of Polish 19th- and early 20th-century painting – first at the Louvre-Lens Museum (northern France) and later in Warsaw and Poznań. This book dedicated to foreign readers is an excellent tool for promoting Polish art – with major works by artists as renowned and beloved as Matejko, Malczewski and Chełmoński.