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Treasures of Art. The National Museum in Warsaw

Treasures of Art. The National Museum in Warsaw, edited by Agnieszka Morawińska, Renata Higersberger, translated by Simon Włoch, p. 416, figs., Arkady Publishing & the National Museum in Warsaw, Warsaw 2016, ISBN 978-83-213-4868-1 (Arkady) / ISBN 978-83-7100-940-2 (NMW)








The TREASURES OF ART series presents the most outstanding paintings, sculptures, artistic handicrafts and photography in the collections of Polish museums.

In the one-hundred-and-fiftieth year of its existence (2012), the National Museum in Warsaw has emerged as an multi-departmental institution covering a wide historical and geographical span with a mission to collect, maintain and make accessible the artistic legacy of past generations, from antiquity to the present day. Our great collections of Polish and European painting, drawing, prints, sculpture and artistic handicrafts, our exceptional variety of Late Medieval ecclesiastic art, our collection of ancient art and our unparalleled treasures from the Faras cathedral in Lower Nubia, as well as our collection of coins and medals and collection of art from the Far East – these are just the foundations of the museum’s vast holdings. We hope to remind readers of how expansive our museum’s collections are and of how many of its treasures still remain underappreciated.