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Maksymilian Fajans (1825–1890)

Danuta Jackiewicz, Maksymilian Fajans (1825–1890), translated by Aleksandra Rodzińska-Chojnowska, design and layout: Maciej Buszewicz, 136 pages, illustrated, Warsaw: History Meeting House and the National Museum in Warsaw, 2014. Photographers of Warsaw series
Maksymilian Fajans was an outstanding photographer, lithographer and publisher. In mid-19th century, he opened a portrait studio in Warsaw, which quickly became highly popular. Initially, his domain was drawing and lithography (which he studied in Paris under the supervision of Émile Lassalle and Rosé-Joseph Lemercier), but in 1862 the artist expanded his offer to include photography, fashionable at the time. 
The album includes several dozen photographs by Fajans, including views of Warsaw and documentary photographs from the life of the city (many of them unique) as well as portraits of eminent inhabitants of and visitors to the capital of the Kingdom of Poland.
The book (available in Polish and English) has been published thanks to the cooperation of the History Meeting House and the National Museum in Warsaw.
Danuta Jackiewicz is the curator of the Iconograph and Photograph Collection of the NMW.
price: PLN 49