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Karol Beyer (1818–1877)

Danuta Jackiewicz, Karol Beyer (1818–1877), translated by Aleksandra Rodzińska-Chojnowska, design and layout: Maciej Buszewicz, 136 pages, illustrated, Warsaw: History Meeting House and the National Museum in Warsaw, 2012, ISBN: 978-83-62020-48-5. Photographers of Warsaw series
Karol Beyer was a forerunner of professional Polish photography. In 1845, he opened the first permanent photographic atelier in Warsaw. It served as both a studio and a gallery, in which Varsovians could become familiar with the latest achievements of European photography. At the turn of the 1850s and 1860s, Beyer was not just the best photographer in the capital, but in the entire Kingdom of Poland. In order to perfect his technique, he made several trips abroad, e.g. to France, Belgium or the United Kingdom, and frequented world exhibitions. Since 1855 he was a member of Société française de photographie. Beyer portrayed Poles, the developing Warsaw, as well as old and contemporary works of art. He was one of the founders of the Tygodnik Ilustrowany weekly, making his photographs available to printmakers. A zealous patriot, whose photographic art was often politically involved, he was imprisoned and exiled deep into Russia.
The book (available in Polish and English) has been published thanks to the cooperation of the History Meeting House and the National Museum in Warsaw.
Danuta Jackiewicz is the curator of the Iconograph and Photograph Collection of the NMW.
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