Faras Gallery. Guidebook

Faras Gallery. Guidebook, text and academic editing by Bożena Mierzejewska, notes on the exhibits by Bożena Mierzejewska, Aleksandra Sulikowska, Tomasz Górecki, graphic design and typography: Marian Misiak, Olaf Schindler, 304 pages, illustrated, Warsaw: The National Museum in Warsaw, 2014, ISBN 978-83-7100-924-2
This illustrated guide to the Faras Gallery presents the cultural and artistic treasures of Christian Nubia (including the unique set of wall paintings from the Faras cathedral) as well as collections of Byzantine and Coptic art. Notes on the exhibits are preceded by a narrative on the history of ancient Nubia and the Faras cathedral discovered by Polish archaeologists under Prof. Kazimierz Michałowski in the 1960s. Since October 2014, the priceless works can again be seen at the National Museum in Warsaw in a renewed, state-of-the-art arrangement. The new Faras Gallery was founded by Wojciech Pawłowski and his Family.