Oko w oko z mumią [Eye to eye with a mummy]

Oko w oko z mumią [Eye to eye with a mummy], written and conceived by Anna Knapek, Katarzyna Rokosz, Edyta Rubka-Kostyra, graphic design and illustrations by Emilia Dziubak, 24 pages, illustrated, Warsaw: The National Museum in Warsaw, 2014, ISBN 978-83-7100-946-4
Why were mummies made in ancient Egypt? What was a sarcophagus and cartonnage? What amount of bandage was used to make one mummy? Who was allowed to perform mummification? Why do we find hundreds of tiny ushabti figures in the sarcophagi? This book will answer all those questions. It will also teach you to play the old Egyptian board game Senet. We hope that this eye-to-eye encounter with a mummy will make you want to see Egyptian mummies in the collection of our museum.