Don’t miss out on the Gallery of 19th-Century Art!


These are the last weeks to visit the National Museum in Warsaw’s Gallery of 19th-Century Art before planned renovation works. Starting from 6 September, the exhibition will be gradually closed to the public. Chełmoński, Boznańska, Malczewski, Gierymski, Siemiradzki… You will have to wait until December to meet these and many other artists again.

Changes in the Gallery of 19th-Century Art are planned in connection with the Museum’s 160th birthday celebrated in 2022. The return of Stanisław Wyspiański’s pastels, a rearrangement of the Matejko Room, an extended showcase of works by Witold Wojtkiewicz and a new infographic with an extensive system of commentaries that will enhance the educational value of the exhibition are just some of the changes planned. Visitors’ comfort and safety of the works on display will also be improved as a result of the renovation.

On 6 September, a part of the Gallery with rooms containing paintings by such artists as Józef Chełmoński, Jacek Malczewski, Józef Mehoffer, Aleksander Gierymski, Henryk Siemiradzki and Olga Boznańska will be closed to the public. The part of the exhibition featuring works e.g. by Bernardo Bellotto known as Canaletto, Marcello Bacciarelli and Jan Matejko will remain open. The Gallery of 19th-Century Art Gallery will be completely closed to visitors on 4 October. It will be reopened to the public in December.

The Gallery of 19th-Century Art is one of the most visited exhibitions in the Museum. The presented works will be made more accessible to the public through a new exhibition infographic with an extended system of commentaries. Work on the new version of the exhibition will conclude with the publication of a guide in Polish and English.

Work on the refurbished gallery would not have been possible without the involvement and assistance of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, patron of the Gallery of 19th-Century Art. The rearrangement will be done in collaboration with Akzo Nobel.