Director’s Choice. The National Museum in Warsaw

Agnieszka Morawińska, Director’s Choice. The National Museum in Warsaw, translated by Aleksandra Szkudłapska, post-translation editing by Jennifer Moore-Tymowska, edited by Anna Kiełczewska and Esme West, graphic designed by Nigel Soper, 80 pages, illustrated, published by Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd. in association with the National Museum in Warsaw, London 2016. Also available in Polish.





Many of the most important museums in the world already have their editions of Director’s Choice. Now it’s the turn of the National Museum in Warsaw. The idea behind the publication is simple: museum directors are asked to present their beloved masterpieces. Out of the extremely rich collection of the encyclopaedic National Museum in Warsaw, Agnieszka Morawińska selected the valuable collection of medieval sacral exhibits from Central Europe, Early Christian art from Faras unearthed by Polish archaeologists and an exquisite set of Polish paintings. Morawińska explained that choosing but a few pieces from the vast collection of European painting was deliberate, as she wanted to place particular focus on what cannot be seen in other museums around the world, that is Polish art. At last, you can find out what the NMW director really likes!