Exhibition Catalogues

Xawery Dunikowski. Malarstwo / Painting

Xawery Dunikowski. Malarstwo / Painting, academic editor: Joanna Torchała, graphic design: Paweł Osial, pp. 216, ill., The National Museum in Warsaw, ISBN 978-83-7100-461-2

The catalogue accompanies the exhibition of painting by Xawery Dunikowski (1875–1964), one of the most outstanding Polish artists of the 20th century. While Dunikowski is universally known as a sculptor, he himself acknowledged the importance of his painting. “Were I not able to paint, I would not be able to sculpt, either,” he claimed. Painting was for him the genre of art that enabled him to convey his feelings and intimate experiences and heal his wartime trauma – the five years he spent as a prisoner of the KL Auschwitz. The volume is divided into three parts: the essays dedicated to various aspects of Dunikowski’s life related to his painting, the album part with reproductions of his selected painted works, and the catalogue of works, photographs and memorabilia displayed at the exhibition in the museum named after Dunikowski at the Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw.