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Olga Boznańska (1865–1940)

Olga Boznańska (1865–1940). Przewodnik / Guide, edited by Ewa Bobrowska, Urszula Kozakowska-Zaucha, translated into English by Robert Gałązka, graphic design: Matylda Sałajewska, Krakow: The National Museum in Krakow, 2014, ISBN: 798-83-7581-175-5; The National Museum in Warsaw, ISBN: 978-83-7100-972-3








The bilingual (Polish-English) catalogue accompanying the Krakow edition of the “Olga Boznańska (1865–1940)” exhibition (October 2014 – February 2015). In it, readers will find basic information on the author of Girl with Chrysanthemums, reproductions of the most renowned of her works with commentary and photographs of the painter in her studio. The booklet provides indication of the exhibition layout and addresses the most important recurring subjects in Boznańska’s oeuvre.


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