Gallery of Medieval Art. Guidebook

Gallery of Medieval Art. Guidebook, edited by Antoni Ziemba, with essays and artefact information by Justyna Aniołek, Zofia Herman-Templewicz, Małgorzata Kochanowska, Antoni Ziemba. 298 pages, with illustrations. Warsaw, 2017, The National Museum in Warsaw, ISBN 978-83-7100-411-7

The richly-illustrated guide to the Gallery of Medieval Art represents a long-awaited overview of the greatest works residing in this Warsaw collection. The artefact information and introductory essays preceding the catalogue of works take readers through the major artistic phenomena and tendencies of the period from the 12th to the early 16th century. Originating from Silesia, Pomerania, and lands of the Kingdom of Poland, or imported from other European centres, the carved and painted cult and devotional objects, magnificent altarpieces and epitaphs come together to form a vibrant panorama of the Late Medieval era.