Announcement in relation to the installation "Poisoned Well"

In 2019, the National Museum in Warsaw, as one of the four museums in the capital, declared its willingness to participate in the celebration of the Papal Year, taking place in 2020. Jerzy Kalina, who was invited to cooperate with the NMW on this occasion, presented the installation "Poisoned Well". Like any work of contemporary art, it opens up various fields of interpretation. I encourage you to a discussion on this project, on the role of art in society, freedom of artistic expression or the intertextuality of works of art.
At the same time, I am asking you not to entangle the Museum in ideological disputes that have nothing to do with the freedom of artistic expression. The National Museum in Warsaw is a public cultural institution, and the canon of its key values ​​includes respect for all people, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
Łukasz Gaweł, acting director of the National Museum in Warsaw